Step One: Golf Tournament Chair Person Outline


You’re the Golf Tournament Chair, so let’s think about what our Tournament is going to look like. Several key factors have to be decided upon first. We’re going to assume this is a “Charity Golf Tournament” for the purposes of our Planning example as it has more elements then say a “Corporate Tournament”.

  1. How much would we like to clear for our charity (Profit)?
  2. How much would our Players be willing to pay to help our charity (Income) ?
  3. What will the Fee of our Host Golf course be (Expense), what date and what is included? The Logistics to grantee success will take time, so plan at least 6 mounts out!
  4. How do we plan to advertise our tournament (Expense)?
  5. Are we going to offer “Hole Sponsorship’s” (Income) and what is the cost of the signage (Expense)?
  6. Are we going to have a Dinner Party (Expense) the night before with a Silent Auction (Income)? If so, where and what items (Expense) are we going to offer?
  7. What Welcome items will we give to our players and at what cost (Expense)?
  8. If early tee time, will there be a Breakfast buffet and what will that cost (Expense)?
  9. What Contests will we have (Expense) and is that included in the Registration fee or sold separately (Income)?
  10. What refreshment can we provide the players at this course (Expense) and is there a “corking Fee” (Expense)?
  11. What arrangements are going to be make for the players Lunch/Dinner (Expense)?
  12. What Awards and Prizes are going to be presented (Expense)?
  13. What Expenses can we offer to sponsors (income)?
  14. What committees will be assigned which Tasks?
  15. How many volunteers will we need?

The next Article we will explore an example Budget

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