This program is by far the most popular program to our clients.  SEU Promotions covers all the costs associated with contests and giveaways and will donate back per package sold based on the option selected. SEU will locally provide a member of our staff to sell the package to the golfers and run the Putting and chipping contests.  It is helpful if the event will provide a volunteer to assist our staff member during registration. (If your Event is not local SEU will provide everything you will need to insure your staff can profitably operate the Mulligan Package and contests). Click Here for a sample customized  Mulligan Package for your review.

The program(s) we have put together gives your players a much more enhanced experience than any other package/super ticket available. In addition, you have the option to sell sponsors to raise even more money for your event. I have clients that make up to as much as $7,000 from the package when selling sponsorship’s.

It has NO cost to the golf tournament * The Program is designed to be run by SEU or your own staff depending on the Event location * The mulligan package will increase an event’s net profit * Includes great gifts and contests to enhance the golfer’s experience.

You have the option to sell sponsorship’s for all the contests. Each package is customized to the client’s event, and can raise significant additional revenue from the mulligan operation alone!

SEU offers a wide range of services to help make your event run smoothly, from tournament management and consulting to Hole-in-One and Putting contests. We can provide you with our custom merchandise, signs, banners, and so much more.

Anything you want, Everything you need!

As you prepare for your 2017 golf tournament, please contact me directly for more information on our Tournament Support and Sponsorship Programs.

I look forward to helping you! ?

Ray Burton, Myrtle Beach, S.C.

(843) 325-9293

Serving Your Golf Tournament Needs Since 1994

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